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The way you create a cash flow is changing. No longer are you a slave to endless cells and questionable formula. Just answer a few business questions and let our system do the rest. See our live products now and you could have a cash flow forecast in minutes!

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Once complete, our software will allow you to easily create and see your cash flow forecast. Packed with exciting features, you can also see and edit your history, and share the results with your team

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Our service is build by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs! That means no more endless spreadsheets, no more days spent guessing, and more time for you to get on with your business with renewed financial confidence

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Live Products

We currently have several live products that allow you to create a cash flow forecast in under 10 minutes! Through either a web form or revolutionary new Facebook Messenger Bot, you can see your financial future in minutes. The results are then sent to you in a really nice google sheet like the one pictured. Tap the button below and we'll redirect you to our other website so you can choose your preferred method.

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